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Cellulose insulation is a sustainable and energy efficient product. It uses locally sourced paper and inorganic salts. The salts make the cellulose safe in a fire and acts as a natural pesticide.


Cellulose insulation is a natural product which can hold moisture and let it go, this ability creates healthier indoor air quality as it can breathe.


Cellulose insulation is an eco-friendly home insulation product made from recycled newspapers, which compares favourably with all imported alternatives. Save money – and the planet…simple!

Cellulose Insulation Specialists - Dublin

We are specialists in cellulose insulation for new and older buildings in Dublin and further. Cellulose is suitable for the insulation of Timber Framed Homes, Attics and Lofts. We are experienced in application in new homes, retrofitting old homes, apartments, commercial buildings and more.

We offer free estimates and will always provide professional, honest, reliable advise to ensure you get the best possible solution – what ever you needs!

Air-tightness Specialists

Airtightness is the fundamental building property that impacts infiltration and exfiltration (the uncontrolled inward and outward leakage of outdoor air through cracks, interstices or other unintentional openings of a building, caused by pressure effects of the wind and/or stack effect). We can save you money!

Building Envelope Specialist

We specialise in refurbishment of existing buildings using passive house components to give summer and winter comfort while saving you money. We are experts who are fully certified and trained to the highest standards in all aspects of insulation including attics, windows, walls and more.


About Cellulose Insulation

Cellulose insulation keeps buildings warmer and healthier. It reduces heating costs and CO2 emissions. This system is a sustainable and energy efficient product because it uses locally sourced paper and inorganic salts. The salts make the cellulose safe in a fire and acts as a natural pesticide. Because it is a natural product which can hold moisture and let it go, this ability creates healthier indoor air quality as it can breathe.

We are dedicated to professional, affordable, reliable services and are fully certified to ensure that you get the best services – at affordable prices.Whether you need a specific type of insulation or need professional guidance, we are here to help.

  • Keeps your house warm
  • Manufactured in Ireland or UK
  • Low carbon footprint
  • Lasts the buildings lifetime
  • Reduces CO2 emissions
  • Natural fibers
  • Acts as a natural pesticide
  • Creates healthier indoor air 
  • Sustainable

Rockwool Fire Resistance

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We provide cellulose insulation manufactured in Ireland or the UK that is quality approved with NSAI and the Irish Agrement Board approval (NSAI Agrement Certificate no. 07/0285). 40 % of Europe’s energy consumption is from buildings so this is the natural choice for energy conservation and a green footprint.

We provide  cellulose insulation products made from recycled newspapers, which compares favourably with all imported alternatives.

We are specialists in Attic, Cavity, Internal & External Insulation for your home. Get the best – CONTACT US TODAY!

We are experienced

We Have Over 20 Years of Experience in The Industry

We give free consultation and estimates on how we can help you save money, save energy and keep warm. Our attic insulation starts from as little as €495 (including VAT).

We supply & fit Rockwool or cellulose insulation and can insulate your attic to to 300mm. This is cheaper than you can buy rolls in a DIY store and self fit – FACT! Take the stress away from your insulation by allowing us to professionally manage every aspect of your insulation project – for less than you think possible.

What WE Give

We Provide A Warmer, More Sustainable Home

From start to finish, we make the whole process easy. We have over 20 years servicing Dublin and further in all types of home insulation needs. We are certified professionals who aim to always give more for less. Our prices are honest and affordable to ensure that our customers get the best, for less.

Home insulation can add value to your home, save you money and is completed fast, without hassle, mess or fuss. If you need information, a free quotation or just some honest advise in any aspect of your home insulation needs, call us – we are here to help, always.







300mm (circa 1 foot) of insulation is needed to be effective in saving money, energy & keeping your home warm. Most new houses are fitted with 50-100mm (if any) which simply isn’t enough! Let us help YOU.
35% of the energy used to heat your home is lost through an uninsulated attic.

Insulate your attic from just €495 (Vat Included)

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